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Christopher Ebbe (4-23,6-23)

Are you tired and discouraged at what you have been getting in our Presidents?  Does the seemingly eternal conflict between two aggressive and unforgiving political parties that currently rule our country disappoint, disgust, and/or even frighten you?  There is an alternative, if you are willing to use your vote in another direction.

I am offering myself as a non-partisan (Independent) candidate for President in the 2024 election.  I am 79 and have had many years to observe the failures in our political system as it has become ever more antagonistic.  I am convinced that to change course we need a major “attitude adjustment,” consisting mainly of (1) viewing ourselves as all equal citizens with potential for cooperating usefully and (2) rejecting the angry split between conservatives and liberals as presented by our two major parties and coming together to find the best possible compromises for our problems and adopting those compromises (always with room for future improvement as conditions change).  I value elements of both conservative and liberal views, and I refuse to choose one party or the other.  There is no future for our democracy if our goal is for one side or the other to “win” and dominate the country, because all citizens deserve to be represented equally in the country’s decisions and actions.  We have to live and work together.

I will focus on these issues in an effort to start a new direction in our politics.

  • restoring equality among citizens–We are all equal as citizens, and we are all of equal value to the nation.  
  • bringing truth to politics–There is such a thing as truth, even in this post-modern, post-facts environment, and it is our duty as citizens to seek it.
  • diminishing the power of the two major political parties–Congresspersons should vote what individually they actually believe rather than how the party tells them to vote. 
  • establishing compromise as the norm in our democracy–Democracy should not be about who can “win” and dominate; it must be about making the best compromises possible on every issue. 
  • reforming our tax system and attitudes–Taxes in each year should cover all that Congress appropriated in the previous year. This will cure the deficit problem and eliminate government borrowing.
  • making elections about who can do the job best

The job of President is too important to be a popularity contest.  We should always elect the person who is best qualified to actually do the job. 

  • encouraging civil discourse on political issues among citizens
  • jobs for all and a wage for a decent life
  • encouraging better emotional health for citizens
  • updating our immigration laws

Are you tired of being deceived by politicians who seem unable to be honest and take responsibility when appropriate?  I believe in always being honest and responsible and treating others fairly, regardless of whether we agree on policy.  I will truly be President for all Americans, before and after being elected, and I will take the needs and feelings of all Americans into account in seeking the best possible compromises.

See my analysis of the job skills needed for being President on (under Government, click on Presidential Choice).  Please compare me with the other candidates in terms of these qualifications, and if you see me as the best qualified, then vote for me (as write-in if necessary)!  To learn more about me and what I believe, see my resume on,  a very detailed platform on a wide range of issues in my book A Compassionate, Moderate Political Platform for 2024, available on-line, my book on “how to live” (Live Wisely, Deeply, and Compassionately, available on-line), and a number of my essays on our society’s issues and problems at  After September, 2023, look for periodic videos and postings on the website and for (sorry to do this) tweets! 






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