Does My Candidacy Have a Chance?

It might appear at first that my candidacy, based on this platform and my actual characteristics (thoughtful, quiet, calm, reasonable, friendly, articulate, trustworthy, honest, looking for the best in people) could not possibly succeed.  There’s no flash, no anger or fear-mongering, no celebrity to offer.  Also, on the money front, I have no personal resources for this task and will need financial support from voters (or from a billionaire).  In my campaign, my major thrust will be to alert citizens to the realities of our plight.  Right now we are choosing to fight rather than solve problems.  We are forgetting about the common man.  We need a return to paying attention to what the total public wants rather than what will get people re-elected.  We should stop pitting some groups in society against others for the purpose of getting votes.  And, we should challenge all politicians to solve problems, compromising when needed, rather than hold out until they can “win.”  If funding is sufficient, I will focus on informing the public about our problems and the potential changes in attitude needed, instead of trying to present a façade of myself that might inspire voters to vote for me.  I personally have no fortune to spend on a campaign, which these days makes me different from most politicians!  I can’t by myself even pay for a publicist to help start getting the word out, so I’ll be using Twitter and Facebook and my own website ( to communicate.

On the voting front, though, I sincerely believe that there are enough voters across the country who want a candidate that they can reasonably trust, who is smart, who will push for greater equality and more valuing of every citizen (rather than demeaning some to make others feel better), and who will press Congress to let go of their petty fighting for power and make the necessary compromises to do the best we can to solve our problems.  I believe that there are enough voters to elect such a candidate, and right now, I seem to be the only candidate who fits that bill.  (See the section on the job qualifications needed by a President.)  If you know a potentially interested billionaire, suggest my name to him or her!

Whenever there are candidates who are neither Republican or Democrat, you may wonder why you should “waste your vote” by voting for someone who has “no chance of winning.”  We are at a point that we desperately need to get away from the two-party struggle for power, and I truly believe that there are enough voters who see this as important to actually sway an election.  (Remember that only thirty percent of registered voters are Republicans and thirty percent Democrats.)  Even if this is not enough voters to elect me, by voting for me you could be one of a sizeable enough group of voters in this election to convince the two major parties to get their act together and begin to serve all groups in our society by finding appropriate compromises.

If I do have something we could call a campaign (Twitter, Facebook, my own presidential website), I will focus on raising the above issues with the public.  I would obviously need some sort of grassroots activity in order to spread the word to those who don’t get information through the internet, and these would have to be volunteers inspired sufficiently by the importance of the stated issues.  Volunteer help also would be needed to do whatever each state requires for a person to “get on the ballot.”  Otherwise I could be the only person ever elected President as a write-in!