Why Am I Running for President?

I am moved to offer myself as a candidate for President partly to bring back into public focus the value and purpose of democracy and its principles (equality and compromise) and to use this focus to induce everyone to work together more rather than spend so much energy and vitriol in conflicts over power.  We have forgotten much of what we share while we fight over who has power.  I do not believe that any group should have the power to force other people to live as the group with the power wants everyone to live unless there are compromises (agreements) that become law.  Instead, our joint decisions should reflect what can be done for all groups at the same time, through understanding each other and finding the most effective compromises possible.

I am also moved to serve as President by my empathy for those in our society who have difficult lives or are chronically unhappy unnecessarily (in my opinion), and I believe that a huge proportion of our citizens get by OK but are not really happy, even if they do not identify themselves as having a problem (uninspiring jobs, lack of opportunity, boredom with restrictive roles, etc.).  We can do better, by taking better care of ourselves and nurturing caring relationships with others.

I am calling myself “a compassionate president” (if elected, of course) as something that distinguishes me from other candidates.  Compassion is being aware of the suffering of others and wishing for that suffering to be lessened.  I am very aware of the suffering of our middle class and working class citizens, due to globalization and our increasing wealth inequity, and I am determined to do something about these things, through people understanding each other better and learning the value of compromise.  I care about how Americans feel about themselves and about their fellow citizens.  I am also aware of the suffering caused by our culture wars and political power struggles, and I wish very much to reduce that suffering and conflict.  Acting on my sense of compassion, I will treat everyone as equals, with respect and courtesy, irrespective of status in our society.  This also means that I will not rant and rave about anyone or any group or insult them, even when I speak out about behavior that is adding to our collective suffering.

Wanting to reduce unnecessary suffering through improving how we relate to each other and how we take care of each other is my only motive for seeking the presidency.  I’m not interested in power or glory (though I must admit I do like recognition).  I assume that many of our elected representative are aware, also, or somewhat aware of this suffering, but they seem to treat it as something that no one can change or that can be changed only by one side or the other “winning,” and I disagree wholeheartedly with this.  I know that something can be done, if our citizens and representatives are willing.

As I believe that we always choose actions that are in our own best interest (since doing  things that are in the best interest of others is often in our own best interest as well), seeking the presidency will be in my interest because I feel good when I can help others and help others to feel good, and secondly because I would prefer to live in a country in which people cooperated with each more cheerfully and cared about each other more, which I will promote to the best of my ability as President.  I do not seek or enjoy power over others, though I would like to influence people to see that what I propose will be beneficial.  Noting that power is often corrupting, I will seek daily to examine whether I am sticking to my claim of not wanting power over others!

I would be 81 when taking office, if elected, which does not seem to be a necessary deterrent from serving, since Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden are both approximately that age, too!  My health is excellent, and I take a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day.  I will make my medical records completely open to the public if necessary—something that I’m pretty sure neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden would do.  I would not run for a second term, which is both prudent from a health perspective and a gift in that it would enable me to act in the best interest of the country without worrying about re-election.