Restoring Equality Among Citizens

The bedrock principle needed to bring our country back to greater harmony and capacity to work together is the principle of equality.  We are all equal as citizens.  The needs and views of each citizen are just as important for the country as the needs and views of every other citizen and should carry just as much weight in the country’s decision-making.  Every person has fundamental value just for being a person.  No individual is any “better than” any other individual, and no person’s future should be determined solely by social status.  Claims to be “better than” someone else are destructive to democracy.  By my example and by promoting the principles of good government and decent treatment of others described herein, I will lead the effort to bring us back together.  No other candidate has any idea of how to do this.  I challenge them all to describe the kind of society that they wish to create and how they will bring us closer together.  (You can find my vision for our country in my campaign book A Compassionate and Moderate Political Platform for 2024 and on the website 

In addition, the primacy of citizen voices for politics has to be restored.  The Congress is supposed to seek to understand and implement the will of the people, but they have gotten so focused on the power struggle between parties that we citizens never know what they actually think or how they are conducting our business.  I will develop programs for citizen feedback to government, including annual referenda on such things as how much should be spent on healthcare.

We are all equals as citizens.

If you want to be taken seriously, you must take the rest of us seriously, too.

Every policy decision advantages some citizens and disadvantages others.

Government decisions should be made by considering the impact on all citizens.

Democracy is about hearing every citizen’s opinions.

Democracy isn’t a fight; it is a format for working together to solve problems we can’t take care of individually.

Your voice should count just as much as any other citizen’s voice.

Because we are all equal as citizens, we should treat each other with basic respect and courtesy at all times.

Think for yourself!

It is a mark of emotional immaturity to think that you can and should get your own way.

Trying to win and trying to beat others are the problems.

Give up trying to “win” politically, so we can work together.

Don’t Let The Market Tell You What You’re Worth!